Labor Of Love Pet Care

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Offer Reiki Energy 

Raw Food Friendly

An at your home holistic pet sitting service providing
feedings, diet recommendations, cat behavior advice, daily water, litter scooping, play & brushing.  I pride myself by giving a lot of love and attention to your pets while you are away on vacation, have illness or busy lives.  Plus, I'll retrieve your mail/newspapers, rotate lights, draw curtains, take garbage/recycle bins to and from the curb.  *Not currently accepting dog clients.  

See Jane....

Pet Nanny to the Stars

‚ÄčI encourage all to watch the Amazon/YouTube film called, "Pet Fooled". I'm a bit of a diet zealot for the fur families.  

If you are interested in a holistic approach to healthy pet diet, I am raw food friendly. I implore you to transition your pets from a processed commercial food to a species appropriate, much healthier in the long run; diet.  Please read the free eBooks by Pat McKay,  a 30 yr animal homeopath I've worked with for 6 yrs for my mast cell cancer cat.  Her website is: 

Also adore the folks at SF's premiere raw feeder co-op SFRaw

Reiki is a hands-on light energy healing modality used as an alternative healing practice or as a supplement to your current vet prescribed regime.  7th generation Usui Reiki Master level 3 since 1997.